Behavioral Health, Wellness & Addiction Treatment Services

Who We Are

Reclamation Center of Alabama focuses on bringing you high-quality behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment programs. We are behavioral health and wellness specialists using a unique approach to provide relief from substance abuse, stress, and mental illnesses. Our outpatient treatment center programs are available in a variety of options, from outpatient treatment to telehealth services and holistic treatments. There’s no limit to our reach and depth of expertise.

Teaching individuals to reclaim the lives they once had through strength and recovery

Our Mission

Our opiate addiction treatment center has only one mission to help you reclaim your life and everything that mental illnesses or substance abuse have stolen. We are solely committed to bringing you to a place of wholeness in mind, soul, and body.

The RCA Community

All of our adult mental health treatment and family psychotherapy staff are highly qualified and trained to walk with you through the path to recovery. Every patient’s concern is treated with utmost respect, priority and the best care. Our staff is dedicated to taking patients’ through the journey to complete recovery and restoration.