To help you reclaim your life and everything that mental illnesses or substance abuse have stolen. We are solely committed to bringing you to a place of wholeness in mind, soul, and body.  

To erase the stigma that comes with seeking mental health care and freedom from substance abuse. 

To be outcome-driven and system based as we bring quality and accountable substance abuse and mental health treatment to the community. 

Who we Are  

The Reclamation Center of Alabama LLC is a trusted substance abuse and mental health outpatient services, provider. Our goal is to help people access the highest quality substance abuse and behavioral healthcare through therapeutic and holistic means. While serving the state of Alabama we strive to be a premier provider that families and the community can rely on for outcome-based services and accountability. 

Our staffs are excellent in their field and dedicated to working passionately for our patients. Our nonprofit RCA Foundation is partnered with Alabama Department of Mental Health as a certified substance abuse provider, using different effective programs to bring about freedom and complete health for everyone that walks through our doors. 

We understand how barriers in life can prevent individuals from having access to necessary adult mental health and substance treatment. This is why we have an array of services for families and individuals coping with substance abuse and mental health challenges in the community.  

From individual therapy to family therapy, there are so many options you can choose from in our bid to make access to behavioral and mental health care very easy. Our services are delivered in a respectful and compassionate environment. It is perfect for those who desire to be served in private and in an environment they find most comfortable.  

More than anything we understand the stigma and fear that comes with getting mental health and substance treatment in the community. This is why we hope to bridge the gap between the general community and our patients. Through awareness, creation, non-discriminatory healthcare and compassion, we are bringing patients subdued by substance abuse and mental illnesses to freedom.  

Our Commitment  

We are committed to delivering our treatment services with compassion and respect, with you the consumer being the driving force behind your recovery and treatment.  

We are committed to bringing our patients the best possible results for adults and adolescents coping with substance abuse and behavioral health challenges in the home, community, and school.